Alloy Wheel Care Tips

Alloy wheels are one of the key contributors to the look of your car. Just a little TLC can keep them looking great in spite of everything the elements can throw at them. It will help preserve the value of your car as well its appearance.

  • Use a small amount of household washing up liquid in a bucket of warm water and wash the wheels down every week. If you allow brake dust and grime to build up on your wheels it will damage the finish.
  • A heavy build up of brake dust will normally require the use of aggressive acid based cleaners which will not only remove the grime but also eat into the finish of your wheels.
  • We advise against regular use of mechanical car washes as some will use acid based chemicals as part of their cycle. In addition the abrasive action of some brushes can damage the finish of your wheels.
  • Remember that low profile tyres provide less cushion effect for the wheels so take care on damaged road surfaces and kerbs.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your alloys or have damage that needs attention, come and see us at either Telford or Wolverhampton and we may well be able to save you from having to replace them. Check out to see how we do it. We can normally carry out repairs on a same day basis. Simply call us on 01952 677785 for Telford or 01902 422334 for Wolverhampton or pop in to see how we can help.

If you are looking for a new set of alloys or yours need to be replaced we can supply and fit a wide range of styles and sizes from the excellent Rimstock range at competitive prices.

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