• Alloy Wheel Repair and Refurbishment

    Curbed and scuffed alloys can be very expensive to replace, but with ChipsAway it is possible to repair them quickly and cost-effectively.

    Don’t let your damaged alloys spoil the look of your car, let ChipsAway return them to their pristine best. These repairs are available on a same day basis at either our car care centre in Telford or via our mobile service in Wolverhampton.

  • Bumper Scuffs and Bumper Repairs

    It’s easy to accidentally put marks and scratches on your bumpers, often without even knowing! It’s even easier for someone else to do it for you! Now fixing them doesn’t have to cost the earth.

    With ChipsAway your bumpers will soon be back to their best, and your wallet won’t have been dented either.

  • Dents

    A small ding and dent can now be removed without the need to fill and paint the panels. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) gives superb results and in almost every case the point of impact will be invisible to the naked eye.

    Our dent removal service is available at our repair centre in Telford and via our mobile service in Wolverhampton.

  • End of Lease Inspections

    ChipsAway can perform end of lease vehicle inspections.

    Due to the precise technical nature of this topic please read our documentation regarding end of lease vehicle inspections.

  • Plastic Welding and Bumper Repairs

    Nowadays, many car bodywork components (including most bumpers) are made of plastic. Most of the time however, these can be repaired by simply “plastic welding” the crack together and then carrying out a repair over the top.

    These repairs are undetectable and come with a lifetime of ownership guarantee from ChipsAway in Wolverhampton or Telford.

  • Scratch Repairs and Accidental Damage

    Quite often we can have damage on our cars, which despite being caused by a collision, is not particularly big. We can repair such damage (subject to inspection) without the need for a bodyshop.

    This could save you the inconvenience and expense of an insurance claim. However, should you decide to claim on your insurance policy, we can handle that for you too, simply ask for advice at either our car care centre in Telford or by calling our…

  • Vandal Scratches

    Vandal scratches can be repaired in a fast and cost-effective way with ChipsAway. The repairs will be invisible and come with the usual lifetime of ownership guarantee. In most cases they can also be repaired in less than a day at either our Telford repair centre or via our Wolverhampton mobile service. If you decide to claim through your insurance company for the cost of the repairs, we can handle that for you too, just ask for advice.

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