Vandal Scratches

Needless vandal scratches can be traumatic and expensive to repair, but ChipsAway can repair such damage quickly, to a high quality and cost-effectively.   Sadly, needless vandalism is a common occurrence in modern society.  At ChipsAway Telford & ChipsAway Wolverhampton, we cannot prevent this from happening, but we can help to soften the blow should you be the unfortunate victim.

The ChipsAway repair, carried out by our highly trained professional team with 15 years experience will be invisible and carries a life time of ownership guarantee (see our terms and conditions).  In most cases a vandal scratch can also be repaired in less than a day, but on occasions, where it covers the entire length of the car or more, then the level of care and depth of repair may dictate a longer repair time. If this is the case then it will be explained to you at the time of quotation.  The ChipsAway repair can avoid the inconvenience and cost of an insurance claim.  However, if you decide to claim through your insurance company for the cost of the repairs, we can handle that for you too, just ask for advice from our specialists.

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Contact the Telford branch on 01952 677785 or the Wolverhampton mobile service on 01902 422334 for your free quotation and to discuss repairs to your vandal scratch. We’ll tell you what’s possible and invite you in to get a full written quote and to see our modern workshop. Plus, because we don’t do tyres, exhausts and servicing you’ll see how clean we are – essential for a perfect finish to your repair.

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